During my Intensive program, if I can’t attend my scheduled session, can I reschedule?

If you can’t attend your scheduled session, you can reschedule your session through the To-Do list menu by tapping ‘Rebook your session’.

In the first 24 hours after booking, you can do this unlimited times. After the first 24 hours you can only reschedule once, as long as it’s done up to 2 hours before your meeting time.

Before confirming to cancel your current session, you can review up to 3 available options to reschedule. If you cannot attend any of the available options, check again later.

If you do not join your rescheduled session because your lessons are not completed, you will be moved to the next course.

If you complete all the lessons on time but don’t show up, you will have one more opportunity to book a new session.